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KidTribe's "What Up? Warm Up!"

Fall 2008 DVD
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
Producer: KidTribe
DVD Price: $19.99
There's something slightly off-kilter about a grown-up performing a watered down version of hip hop in a vibrant polyester jumpsuit. Host Miss Kellee's street cred aside, "What Up? It's Time to Warm-Up!" has genuine foot stomping appeal. Miss Kellee and her KidTribe Crew not only preach the importance of exercise, they actually demonstrate the proper way to do it, especially warming up before any regular exercise activity. Their catchy signature song gets kids on their feet with moves simple enough to be picked up with minimal repetition. Some of the best parts of the DVD are the interviews with kids who talk about their favorite sport and how stretching and warming is crucial for all activities. Unlike most exercise videos that cover the standard sports, these kids showcase a wide range of activities from jumping rope and fencing to dancing and circus tricks. And while the DVD emphasizes building good exercise habits, the personal tips, such as dancing to please yourself and eating right to avoid cramps, may resound most with young viewers. The educational nature of the DVD would play well to large audiences like groups or schools. The extra feature, "In the Kitchen with Dr. Hoopenstein," is less successful as it tends to treat food allergies a little too lightly.
Laura Fries   ©2008 Parents' Choice
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