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Fall 2008 Storytelling
Ages: 4 & Up
Producer: Susan Reed
CD Price: $15.00
"Gather" contains 13 musical tracks, one poem, and one story. Some of the musical lyrics can inspire children to think about simple science concepts (such as rain, berries, butterflies, or shooting stars) while others are meant to entertain. The music throughout all tracks offers easy listening along with ideas to contemplate. The poem "The Tornado and Mr. Snit" mocks people in today's society who misuse their right to sue others at any time they feel slighted. Mr. Snit decides to sue a tornado that damaged his property, but he comes to his senses before the end of the trial and then pokes fun of those who get themselves "in a snit" when natural disasters occur. In the story "Stars," Megan learns a significant lesson about sharing a new treasure with her friends. Is it better to have a treasure or to have friends? Megan wisely decides that "sharing doesn't mean LESS; sharing means MORE."
Dr. Flora Joy   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Flora has been described as a “founder” in the world of storytelling. The following are a few examples of programs or events that she began: (1) Storytelling World, an international journal for which Flora has continued to serve as editor since its first issue in the 1980s. This journal is currently part of NSN’s Storytelling Magazine. (2) The Annual Storytelling Resource Awards Program, (3) The National Storytelling Youth Olympics, and (4) The Master’s Degree Program in Storytelling at ETSU (where she taught for 41 years and is currently a Professor Emeritus). She has won many prestigious awards, including NSN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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