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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08

Fall 2008 Video Games
Ages: All Ages
Producer: Electronic Arts
Price: $49.99
Gaming System: Nintendo Wii
Wii players who just need to have a golf game are in luck. Not the 2007 Tiger Woods for Wii that came out only half a year ago, which was a good game itself . But the NEW Tiger Woods, which is even better-and the one golf game players should own before buying any other.

There are so many modes to play in this game, it'll take players forever to get through them all. Along traditional lines, there's normal stroke play, match play, Bloodsome, Greensome, Skins, Stableford, Alternate, Best Ball, and Four Ball. Five arcade-golf games include Battle Golf, One-ball, Team One-ball, Skills 18 and the brand new and really fun Elimination mode-where players assemble a team of eight players from the roster of 23 pros and each hole eliminates one of them. There are also five mini games-mini-putt (basically a good mini-golf game that younger kids who may be over their heads on the big fairways will enjoy), target, T-I-G-E-R, capture and target2target. While this Tiger doesn't have online play, it is loaded with multiplayer options that make it a great party game.

As in all golf videogames, the number of the courses and graphics are crucial. This game's got 18 courses-renditions of real-life ones such as Cog Hill, TPC Boston, Westchester, Firestone and Doral. Course graphics and over-all animation are good--you will definitely feel like you're out there on a sunny day playing alongside Tiger. Especially using the Wii controls which require players to full-swing the motion-sensing remote or the Nunchuk stick like a golf club-even enabling players to draw or fade their shots with slight twists of the wrist.

Parents should note that for newbies to golf video gaming, Tiger has a fairly steep learning curve. Playing the big courses can be challenging-though the game makers have made putting almost too easy in this version. Still, what's really cool about this game is that a kid interested in learning to play golf-meaning real golf-can actually learn a lot about the game starting here.Note: If you already own Tiger 2007 for Wii, don't race out and buy this one. Not different enough for the price. Wait for Tiger 2009.

Don Oldenburg   ©2008 Parents' Choice
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