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Speed Racer: The Video Game

Speed Racer: The Video Game

Fall 2008 Video Games
Ages: 6 - 14 yrs.
Price: $49.99
Gaming System: Nintendo Wii
Like the 2008 movie Speed Racer, this racing game is filled with endless death-defying leaps and rolls, blinding-speed jousting and battling, outrageous crash explosions, amazing futuristic corkscrew tracks and a dazzling display of colorful racer-brain visuals. Start off by taking the in-game tutorial so you have a clue once the pedal hits the metal. Then, choose your car from more than a dozen models. For steering, if you have the Wii Wheel, it's compatible; if not, use the motion-sensing remote holding it sideways and turning left and right. The controls are pretty good and Wii's hands-on remote controls are an added pleasure.

In this racer, the better you do-meaning not hitting walls, successfully busting up opponents, completing tricks and winning races-the more powerful your car gets for the next level of racing. Unfortunately, there are only five track designs, so the same-old gets old too fast. And while the cars and tracks themselves are graphically sweet, the surrounding environments are sparsely rendered and drab-quite unlike the movie. Final downside is that this game doesn't pack a lot of replay value. While the movie's plot is largely left on the videogame cutting-room floor, all the speed (300 mph) and bluster (20 cars racing cross country) translates into a fast and furious gaming experience that runs out of gas.

Youngsters who are aching for a racing game, or who loved the movie, will enjoy this-for a while. But experienced racing gamers won't stay long on these loopy tracks.

Don Oldenburg   ©2008 Parents' Choice
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