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Fall 2008 Games
Ages: 10 & Up
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games, Inc.
Price: $29.99
It's time to put the classic game "Sorry" to "Ruin." Like Sorry, the object of the game is to be the first to move your playing pieces around the game board and into the center. But that's where the similarity stops and the uniqueness begins. In Ruin, the object of the game is to be the first player to move your two pawns around the game board and up the stairs into Ah Kinchil's Treasure chamber.

Players use a 20-sided die to advance their pieces, and have the chance to change the path around the game board with path cards, thus aiding their journey or creating a dead end path for their competition. Some of the game cards have secret stairways that players can use to advance quickly, but watch out! With players using new path cards, the board is never the same for long! Ruin is a great strategy game that appeals to kids and adults of all ages, from 7-77.

Trish Reske   ©2008 Parents' Choice

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