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Crayola Glow Station

Crayola Glow Station

Fall 2008 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Crayola, LLC
Price: $29.99

Crayola's Glow Explosion Spin Magic kit allows children to create two types of glowing, spinning displays; it includes: the spin magic base unit, four glow markers, an activator marker, ten glow explosion sheets, five shadow sheets, and six flexi clips (for mobiles). Children color designs and patterns with special markers prior to "activating" their glow; they then construct either a spinning mobile or spinning scenes such as Lost World, Cityscape, Skate-O-Rama, or Hanging' 10. Their creations will glow for up to four hours.

The draw of this unique product comes from the four hours of "glowing" given off by the special activator marker. Beyond that, this is just like any other room decoration craft kit. Its longevity is increased by the amount of materials in each kit, as one can create multiple projects with what's provided.

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