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The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2-Disc Special Edition

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2-Disc Special Edition

Fall 2008 DVD
Ages: All Ages
DVD Price: $28.96
Is The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep a great film? No, but it is a wonderful movie that you can enjoy with your young children. And for some parents that's what's needed to qualify as "great."

The movie is intriguing and exciting at times, a little slow at others. The biggest lure is the water horse itself, a computer generated happy and odd little creature that grows up into a large but loving sea monster.

Who, after all, isn't a little curious about the legendary Loch Ness monster? That's the crux of the story. Set in World War II-era Scotland, young Angus MacMorrow's dad has gone off to war. He misses him terribly. One day as Angus is roaming around the rocks by the sea, he finds a beautiful, big turquoise egg. Out of it hatches what looks like a baby dinosaur with little horns. Angus couldn't be happier to have Crusoe - as he names him - as his wiggly horse-like, dragon-like, fish-like pet. The only problem is that Crusoe is growing quickly and a local unit of the army has taken over his mother's estate as a base. Angus must get Crusoe to the loch, which he does. But the Army is sure the enemy is encroaching. The two plots collide in a suspenseful ending.

Very young children might be scared by the wild ride Angus takes with Crusoe. But the sea monster is more awe-inspiring than frightening and it's sweet to see how he loves Angus. The story and characters are appealing. The acting is well-done. The special effects are snazzy. It's exciting and heartfelt, and a good choice for family viewing.

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