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Tag Reading System

Tag Reading System

Fall 2008 Toys
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Manufacturer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Price: $49.99
While kids may take the innovative technology that is the LeapFrog Tag reading system for granted, adults can’t help but be impressed.

The pen is easy to hold, and large enough so it is not easily lost. Inside the tip of the pen is a camera that reads the code embedded on the pages of the intelligently designed books. Emerging readers tap the pen on a word or image and the text becomes audible. Users choose to hear one word at a time, travel uninterrupted through the story, or, if practicing their reading skills, can pause and work to master a stumbling block. The compact design makes it very portable and easy to use in the car or on airplanes. And yes, the pen can be connected to headphones (not included) for quiet play. Package includes a Tag Reader, USB cable, software CD, the book Ozzie and Mack. Additional books are sold separately. The two AAA batteries required are not included.

At the time of our evaluations, Leapfrog’s online Learning Path, a website where parents can track a child’s reading prowess, was not fully operational. When it is, some parents will flock to the tracking opportunity, others will run from it.

In our opinion, the Tag should be used to augment, not replace traditional book reading. The Tag is not the only way to read; it’s another way to read. And that’s an option to write home about.

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