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Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Spring 2009 Television
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Network: PBS
Sid the Science Kid comes from the good folks at the Jim Henson Company, and it's characteristically sturdy fare. As the title suggests, Sid is a kid who loves science. He wants to know everything about, well, everything. In one episode, "The Sneeze," his dad has a cold, prompting Sid to try to understand the basics of how germs work, why he needs to wash his hands, and so on. He learns simple-to-digest lessons from his dad, his mom and his teacher at school, and bounces ideas, thoughts and questions off his pals. Most episodes follow the same basic premise. In another show, Sid tries to figure out why his banana turned mushy, while in another he and his friends wonder why the tag in his shirt makes him so itchy.

Designed for preschoolers (ages three to six), Sid the Science Kid doesn't break much ground - the animation is of the familiar, 3-D variety, the songs aren't particularly memorable, and it lacks the sharp humor of the iconic Henson Muppets - but its audience will most definitely enjoy and learn from Sid the Science Kid, and that's what merits our recommendation.

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