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Rock 'N Learn: Earth Science

Rock 'N Learn: Earth Science

Spring 2009 DVD
Ages: 9 & Up
DVD Price: $19.99
Kids looking to bone up on their earth science might do well to check out this DVD, which crams loads of information, concepts and factoids into its 61-minute running time. Among the subjects tackled by Marko the Pencil in the animated title as he helps a boy named Kevin: the solar system, sedimentary rocks and fossils, topography and volcanoes, alternative energy and conservation, the water cycles, the causes of weather and our season, and more.

If there's a problem with "Earth Science," it's that the information is designed to help fifth graders prepare for standardized tests while the animation and especially the voiceovers feel as though they're aimed at a much younger audience. In other words, I think my 10-year-old fifth grader might make practical use of the sentence "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos" to recalls the names of the planets, but she probably wouldn't tell her peers that she watched the DVD.

A couple of other points of interest: among the bonuses is an informative segment devoted to scoring well on a multiple-choice science test, while a grammar mistake on the back of the DVD jacket may concern parents. It reads: Free study materials that compliment this DVD: That, of course, should read complement -- as in enhance. Yes, this is a science DVD, but still…

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