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The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon

Spring 2009 Audio Book
Ages: 5 & Up
CD Price: $14.95
Kenneth Grahame's 1898 timeless children's story is brought to life in this captivating audio book. The story begins in the Berkshire Downs of Oxfordshire when a young boy encounters a dragon living in a nearby cave. The dragon is uncharacteristically lazy and complacent; he doesn't like doing battle. The boy and the dragon become friends and secretly hang out together. When the villagers discover a dragon in their midst, they immediately summon St George to kill it. The elderly St George prefers his peaceful life --and the boy, dragon, and dragon-slayer conjure up a cunning plan to fool the townsfolk. While enjoying the commanding and powerful vocal delivery of this age-old story, listeners can reflect upon the advantages of nonviolent problem-solving as they also reassess the benefits of friendship. This audio book offers a highly professional literary connection that is both exciting and appealing.
Dr. Flora Joy   ©2009 Parents' Choice
Flora has been described as a “founder” in the world of storytelling. The following are a few examples of programs or events that she began: (1) Storytelling World, an international journal for which Flora has continued to serve as editor since its first issue in the 1980s. This journal is currently part of NSN’s Storytelling Magazine. (2) The Annual Storytelling Resource Awards Program, (3) The National Storytelling Youth Olympics, and (4) The Master’s Degree Program in Storytelling at ETSU (where she taught for 41 years and is currently a Professor Emeritus). She has won many prestigious awards, including NSN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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