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Set Cubed

Set Cubed

Spring 2009 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: SET Enterprises, Inc.
Price: $20.00

Win by combining up to three dice from your hand to those already on the game board to form the highest point-earning sets.

But first it is essential to understand the meaning of "set." The instruction booklet defines it as a group of three dice in which each individual feature must be all the same OR all different on each of three dice. The three "features" are color (red, green or purple); symbol (ovals, diamonds or squiggles); and number (one, two or three of each symbol on a die).

Fortunately, the rules clearly explain the word with many illustrations of what is and what is not a set. Not only were even the youngest of our testers (age 8) able to master identifying sets, but they were able to play on equal ground with the 10-year-old testers. The instruction booklet then takes players on a twelve-step journey through a single round of play. By this time everyone is comfortable enough to start their own game by each taking five dice from the cloth bag blindly, rolling them, and proceeding in turn to make sets on the game board.

Although learning the game takes time, the payoff is the enjoyable interaction among players who complete new sets by adding new dice to those previously played.

Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2009 Parents' Choice

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