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The Zimmer Twins

The Zimmer Twins

Fall 2009 Website
Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
Artist: Lou Solis
Artist: Les Solis
Developer: Luke Lutman
Director: Aaron Leighton
Producer: Jason Krogh
Producer: Anne-Sophie Brieger
Publisher: zinc Roe design
Instead of just watching TV, kids can become a part of the creative process through Mischievous psychics Eva and Edgar, along with their black cat 13, invite kids to join in the fun by creating mini movies and story lines from scratch or from a featured scenario.

With parental permission, kids can join the site under a nickname in order to create and save all of their movies. Kids can also play games, print activities, and watch other homemade Zimmer films in a very supportive environment. Constructive criticism is the key here as kids rate each other's work and offer comments from a pre-selected list. For instance, one option "Some cool ideas, but I guess we have different ideas of what's funny," enables kids to disagree without being rude. Kids rate a movie by clicking on how many paws they thought the movie was out of 1, which means bad, to 5, which means almost perfect. They can also comment on movies to tell the creators how good movies are, or to tell them what to improve.

Sections for parents and teachers expand on the concepts presented, including how to brainstorm effectively as well as exploring story-telling themes.

Qubo, the children's channel and host of the Zimmer Twins television show, picks a kids' movie to air between regular programs - an exciting opportunity for budding moviemakers. There are also some fun apps for the iPhone and iTouch as well as several downloadable backgrounds.

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