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The Chosen One

The Chosen One

Fall 2009 Audio Book
Ages: 12 & Up
Producer: Macmillan Audio
CD Price: $24.99
Having been proclaimed "chosen" by the prophet of a polygamist cult, and thus decreed to marry her sixty-year old uncle, thirteen year old Kyra must decide if the community in which she has been raised is right for her.

Although most listeners have no way to personally understand Kyra's particular dilemma, her despair at feeling ostracized from the people to whom she is most close, is something many young people feel. "Some days I need to be alone," she wants to tell her mother, but never does. As a result, Kyra goes off to her tree (her hiding place) once in while, to "breathe by myself." Like many people her age, Kyra cannot verbalize her feelings, even to her closet family members. "There's not a mother or child in my family that doesn't honor the prophet. I do, too...sometimes," Kyra says but she confesses to the listener that, at times, she has actually wished the prophet dead.

The descriptions are visual and specific. With dramatic pauses and emotive voice, Jenna Lamia delivers a captivating read, making the listener yearn for more.The subject matter and moments of violence are not suited for listeners under 12.

Josie Kals   ©2009 Parents' Choice

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