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The Cluefinders' Math Ages 9-12

The Cluefinders' Math Ages 9-12

1998 Software
Ages: 9 - 12 yrs.
Price: $30.00

If you want to convince your child math is essentially a game, sign him up for this first all-math Cluefinders expedition in search of missing treasure in the Himalayas. The plot premise is little more than a vehicle for a series of eight math-skill based activities and several arcade-like games that prove fun, challenging and parallel what fourth through sixth graders are learning in the classroom. Cartoonish animation and the spunky antics and dialogue of the four teenage Cluefinders help make more inviting the equations, graphs, geometric shapes, fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, word problems, and other math concepts and skills practiced.

A nice teaching reinforcing element in activities such as the Village Store requires kids not only have to think through word problems, but visually demonstrate (with products, not numbers) how they solved them. Children struggling with interpretive graphs will find The Clothes Shop especially helpful. As kids assist Cluefinders in solving problems and completing activities, they earn clues to the identity of the thief who stole one of the 24 missing treasures. This is an excellent who-dunnit activity that requires critical thinking. This Cluefinders package also includes a bonus CD-ROM disk of a previously released and pretty good TLC math title, "Operation Neptune," for the same age group.

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