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Turtle Shells

Turtle Shells

Fall 2009 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $14.99
This memory game includes lots of hands-on activities that appeal to children: colored dice to roll, three plastic turtles with colored shells to mix and match, and 27 memory cards with pictures of the turtles. The object of the game is to collect the most memory cards. Start with all the memory cards face down.

Beginners take turns placing one card face up. If the card matches one of the three plastic turtles, the player keeps the card and switches at least two of the turtle shells; then it's the next player's turn. If the picture on the card does not match any of the plastic turtles, the player returns the card, face down exactly where it had been.

In the advanced version, each player first rolls two color dice. If the face-up colors match one of the turtles, the player gets to turn over a card and the game proceeds as before. If there's no match, the player's turn is over.

An easier version of the game (not included in the manufacturer's rules) would use fewer memory cards. The game comes with 27 cards (three each of every possible combination of turtle/shell colors). Removing one of each variation would leave only 18 cards, thereby reducing the game time and making it easier for players to remember the locations of fewer face-down cards.

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