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Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow

Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow

Fall 2009 Audio Book
Ages: 10 & Up
CD Price: $27.99
Jake Ransom and his sister Kady find themselves immersed in a mysterious series of events that takes them on an adventure to an unknown world inhabited by a curious mix of unfamiliar, and sometimes dangerous, characters. An artifact their archeologist parents found on an expedition from which they disappeared, has lead then to this strange place. Now, the siblings must find their way home. Along the way, an evil alchemist, the Skull King, threatens their safe return. Throughout their perilous journey, Jake and Kady have no choice but to muster up the energy and courage to persevere.

The decision to have the narrator (Pedro Pascal) speak in hushed tones works well to draw listeners in. The rather complicated storyline and advanced vocabulary is appropriate for the older listeners it recommends.

Editor's note: This text refers to the audiobook edition.

Josie Kals   ©2009 Parents' Choice

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