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The Peter Yarrow Songbook : Let's Sing Together!

The Peter Yarrow Songbook : Let's Sing Together!

Fall 2010 CD with Book
Ages: 5 & Up
Author: Peter Yarrow
Illustrator: Terry Widener
CD Price: $16.95
A treasure trove in song for families and folk music buffs alike. It comes courtesy of Peter Yarrow (one third of legendary folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary). The iconic troubadour-activist has had a renaissance of late as a family music artist and author of children's books based on his own and traditional folk songs, many identified with the trio in its 1960s heyday.

The lyrics for "We Shall Not Be Moved," "Down By the Riverside," "This Little Light of Mine," and nine other folk songs and spirituals are illustrated by Terry Widener in lush, painterly fashion-by turns comical, fanciful and thoughtfully evocative. Yarrow includes guitar chords and personal commentary for each song. He also points out that making individual changes to folk songs is part of the tradition and he encourages readers and musicians to do just that: "Have fun creating your own folk process. The songs will appreciate it and feel loved, I promise you." Yarrow and his daughter, Bethany Yarrow, a singer who regularly partners with cellist Rufus Cappadocia, perform the songs on the accompanying CD.

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