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FIFA Soccer 10

FIFA Soccer 10

Spring 2010 Video Games
Ages: All Ages
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Price: $49.99
Gaming System: Nintendo Wii
If you're a kid or casual gamer looking for some decent, relaxed, ball-kicking action on your Wii console, this is a great choice. Not a deep game, FIFA Soccer 10 relies on just two basic modes. In the Battle for Glory mode, players manage a team, attend to rosters and move players to different positions, track their stats, predict each game's outcome, and play a season. Meet or exceed predictions (goals) for the game, and earn team points and booster cards that eventually benefit the team's health, morale, skills and all-around play. The Tournament mode is more of a traditional sim-style, win-the-trophy, tourney experience where players play their way up through the standings.

Of course, Wii's Achilles heel is its graphics, and FIFA Soccer 10 is no exception. The visuals are a bit grainy and blocky, and most of the field-view is medium distance and no cool big-action close-ups like you might find on PS3 or Xbox 360. But the game still plays pretty well and gameplay's the thing in FIFA Soccer 10. The Wii movement-sensitive remotes lend themselves to good responsiveness and accurate shooting on the field--same for passing and goalkeeping, making for realistic-enough action without being a stickler soccer game.

Penalties and free kicks? They add an arcade element by becoming pause-in-action mini-games that make use of the Wii remote's motion detection powers (though the game can be played with the classic Nintendo controller as well). Play alone, with friends or online. FIFA Soccer 10 is a solid soccer game whose easy-going approach and sim/arcade style will fit nicely in the Wii family library.

Don Oldenburg   ©2010 Parents' Choice
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