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EA Sports Active More Workouts

EA Sports Active More Workouts

Spring 2010 Video Games
Ages: All Ages
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Price: $39.99
Gaming System: Nintendo Wii
If you liked EA Sports Active Personal Trainer (released May 2009), you're going to like the interactive exer-game's follow-up as well. True to its title, it brings more heart-pumping exercises and fun activities to the privacy of your own home.

Note: Before loading More Workout's animated tropical-themed beachside exercises, you'll either need the original EA Sports Active Personal Trainer (msrp $59.95), which contains the required resistance band and leg strap, or you'll have to buy the band-and-strap accessory pack separately ($20).

Like the original, More Workouts uses Wii's remarkable motion-sensitive remote (held in one hand) and nunchuk attachment (strapped to thigh) to detect your movements while mimicking an onscreen animated personal trainer lifting weights, punching targets, running in place, doing lunge steps, stomach crunches and other calorie-burning exercises.

But while More Workouts can stand alone, it really is a companion program rather than replacement for Personal Trainer. This full-body conditioning program includes 89 exercises and activities-some revived with new twists from the original exer-game, 35 of them brand new including new abdominal and cardiac fitness exercises, and new warm-up and cool-down stretches, along with the fun paddle surfing, water skiing and boxing activities. The original 30-day routine is extended into a 6-week challenge in which you can customize to your fitness level and schedule your workout days on its flexible calendar. The weekly tracker provides incentive by letting you track your progress, weight, calories burnt, and fitness goals. Work out by yourself or with a buddy. And if you've been doing your EA Sports Active Personal Trainer 30-day program, you can easily transfer your personal info and program data and goals.

Also included is the Fitness Book filled with fitness and nutrition tips by Bob Greene (Oprah's trainer) that's really a condensed version of his latest book, The Best Life Diet. While Wii graphics are notoriously only adequate in a world of eye-popping videogames, the palm trees, white sand, and shimmering turquoise water is crisp enough to make you feel like you're doing cardio-aerobics on a St. Bart's or Hawaiian beach! And that's pretty uplifting!

Not only is this sequel another great workout program for overweight or out-of-shape adults who'd rather not go public wearing gym shorts or sweats, it's a fun and motivating way to get sedentary videogame-loving kids to get into better shape, too. And it will work-as long as you're willing to work!

Don Oldenburg   ©2010 Parents' Choice
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