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Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Spring 2010 Website
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Designer: FableVision
Developer: FableVision
Producer: kcet
Producer: The Jim Henson Company
From the very moment the front page loads, there are digital doors to open, and intelligent audio-commentary from the characters that encourages kids to click around, explore, and delve deeper into the site. This design gives young visitors a chance to want to (emphasis very important here) play games and use digital tools that teach them about weather, music, bugs, the human body, antibodies (the 'destroy the flu virus' game was a favorite with testers), and, most especially, the devolution of a moldy sandwich over the span of 10 days. Testers were able to play the games by themselves and navigate the site easily, using the audio cues when they were stuck.

While the characters on the website are familiar to viewers of the Sid the Science Kid television show, the content is unique to the site, and is a good fit for the web format. The educational tools, disguised as well-thought-out, age-appropriate games, are impressive, interesting, and beautifully rendered in the site's signature style. Sid the Science Kid is a "must-do" for families with kids aged 4-6.

Fran Wilde   ©2010 Parents' Choice
Fran Wilde is a writer, 3D simulation and web developer, and educator. She is an Interactive and Immersive Narrative Designer with Rezzable Inc. of London, England, was the Director of Web Services at The Park School in Baltimore, MD, for 10 years, and taught web design and programming at both Loyola College and at the University of Baltimore's Interactive Design and Information Architecture program. Her freelance clients include schools, corporations, and non-profit groups. She edits a group blog about family travel,, just for fun. Fran and her family currently live in Philadelphia, PA.

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