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Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Spring 2010 DVD
Ages: All Ages
DVD Price: $6.99
Few things in life are cuter than puppies at play--with the possible exception of puppies sleeping. Puppy Party is a 70-minute video of nothing but cute, furry little creatures romping and napping in the grass under a bright blue sky. They will win your heart in an instant.

More than 25 kinds of dogs, almost all purebreds, are introduced in the DVD by a narrator Milo, the yellow lab who's holding the puppy party. He invites his friends over to sleep, eat, play and sleep. After the party's over, he invites viewers to visit each dog at home and explains a little bit about each breed, from the point of view of the breed. For example, when the beagle is featured, he says, "We like to follow scents." The Yorkie says, "Like all terriers, we're a little out of control." (Terrier and Yorkie owners might not agree!) Random facts for each dog include tidbits about history, coat colors, length of hair or temperament. There are no humans in the video, just puppies and dogs playing in the grass.

If you're looking for more extensive information about dogs, this might not be the best DVD choice. But if you're interested in a DVD that enables you and your child to look at many pretty pictures of puppies and learn a little about what each breed is like, it's an excellent choice. Just don't be surprised if you hear your child say, "Can we get one?!" long before the show is over.

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