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The Magic School Bus - Solar Energy to the Rescue

The Magic School Bus - Solar Energy to the Rescue

Spring 2010 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $19.99
Designed for children 5 and up, the Solar Energy to the Rescue kit includes almost everything to perform sixteen age-appropriate experiments to help children better understand the concept of capturing the sun's energy to create electricity as well as how greenhouse gases work and can negatively impact the earth.

There are a variety of materials included such as a "solar panel" to collect the sun's energy, a motor, a thermometer and balloons. A few of the experiments require basic items from home such as a water bottle or glass.

Each experiment is presented with an overview, illustrated step-by-step instructions to conduct the experiment and further details about the concept at hand. The last page of the instruction booklet includes a summary of each experiment for parents, outlining the results that should be expected. (This was particularly helpful when we made a mistake with one experiment and were confused by our own results.)

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