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"The Cat in the Hat" e-book

Spring 2010 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Oceanhouse Media
Developer: Oceanhouse Media
Download Price: $3.99
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch

With the iconic uncluttered simplicity and fun of Dr. Suess's original pages, Oceanhouse Media's app delivers The Cat in the Hat to an iPhone near you.

When opening the app, users may select to have the book read to them, or to read it themselves. In the narrated mode, the text is shown on the page and words are highlighted as the narrator reads them. Users may tap pictures on the screen to see and hear the words that describe them. To advance pages, children simply swipe their finger anywhere across the screen. In the "read it myself" mode, children can read and advance at their own pace. If they are having difficulty with a word or sentence, they may tap it with their finger to hear the word read aloud. In both modes, it is easy for users to return to the homepage menu by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen. In short, this is a skillfully-crafted, friendly, and fun interactive reading environment for pre-readers as well as those who are reading on their own.

Standout details include the background soundtrack that plays while read the book which adds a subtle, and charming enhancement to the story. The page transitions are smooth and engaging as they zoom in or out on particular illustrations. We particularly appreciated the ability to stop at any point in the story and return to that same spot at a later time. Overall we would highly recommend adding this to your digital library.

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