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Spring 2010 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun Inc.
Price: $19.99
The centerpiece of this picture-matching game is the Barnyard Flipper, a cleverly-designed mechanism that brings each succeeding picture into play. The playing pieces are 37 semi-circular cards, each bearing an image of half an animal on one side and half of a different animal on the reverse side. The first player puts any card, with the BLUE border facing up, on the Flipper door, then presses the hay bales on the Barnyard Flipper, which flips the card and reveals the ORANGE bordered side of the card, showing a new picture that is now the one to be completed.

The remaining cards are then dealt out, and all players search their cards to see if they can complete the image shown in the Barnyard Flipper. The player with the matching card places it on the Flipper Door, then presses the hay bales to flip the card and reveal the next image. The first player to match all of his or her cards is the winner. A cooperative play version allows all players to work together to find the matching animal half. A special bonus is the Word Search puzzle to find the names of the FlipOver animals which appear vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in a grid of letters.

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