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Spring 2010 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Price: $10.99
Although the dictionary defines a dweeb as "an unattractive, insignificant, or inept person," the editors obviously never met the Dweebie family. To the editors' unattractive, we say colorful; to their insignificant we say underappreciated and to their inept, we say uniquely talented.

Armed with a fresh perspective, we can now begin to put our cards on the table and let the game begin. Designed for two to six players ages eight and up, each Dweebie card features a colorful character with a "passion" for his/her occupation or calling, whether a pirate, football hero an astronaut, a chemist, … The first player places a Dweebie card on the table. Play continues as each player tries to create a "match," which can only be completed by matching Dweebies at opposite ends of the playing rows. Once a player creates a match, he or she collects all the cards in that row. The game ends when the draw pile has run out and all players have played the cards in their hands. The person with who has collected the most Dweebies wins. Strategy, while not the game's cornerstone, does play a part in this fast paced fun game.

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