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Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Spring 2010 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: Spin Master Toys
Price: $24.99
The Air Hogs Vectron Wave, with altitude-sensing technology, is a compact self-propelled hovering "UFO" that introduces children to basic physics and aerodynamic concepts.

Although we're all for coloring outside the lines, we suggest following the manufacturer's set-up instructions to ensure that all works according to plan:

Insert 6 AA batteries (not included) and place the Vectron® Wave on a flat surface or the ground. Turn on the Vectron Wave and wait for a few seconds until the propeller begins to spin. Note: Your Vectron® Wave will go through a "Start-Up Process" at this point. First it will rise up, then it will slowly fall, then it will rise up again. This helps it to memorize the power required to hover on its' own. After it rises the second time the process is over and you can begin to play. Note: During this process do not touch or play with your Vectron® Wave as this will make its hovering ability unstable.

To ensure successful play, Spinmaster offers these recommendations: Fly in a wide open room, away from breakable items. (Minimum size 13 ft wide x 13 ft long x 10 ft high.) Avoid flying near vents and/or fans, as these may overpower the Vectron® Wave and make it difficult to control. Sunlight or bright lights may affect your Vectron® Wave's performance. Avoid flying near another IR device. This may affect your Vectron® Wave's performance as well.

And our favorite cautionary note: Always get permission to fly your Vectron® Wave indoors.

The Vectron Wave can be used in solo flight, or playing catch with a friend. Young testers created games, obstacle courses and competitions.

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