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National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers

National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers

1999 Reference Books
Ages: 8 & Up
Author: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 0792273419
Hardcover Price: $24.95
An excellent resource combining geographical, environmental, cartographic, and brief cultural information. The Table of Contents is logically organized and aided by the colored map tabs for continent data. Beginning with a detailed explanation of how to use a map, an icon and map symbol key, the content features the universe as a whole and then narrows to space, continents, weather, animals and individual countries. Maps are bright, political divisions and topographical changes are clearly marked, the information is current and well indexed with map coordinates as well as page references.

Basic facts (population; land area) for each country and political designation are listed in sidebars that are placed effectively. The section at the conclusion of the atlas providing basic facts and figures for the entire world is a plus. The glossary of geographical terms is helpful. A good addition would have been weather information such as average rainfall and temperature.

Eileen Kuhl   ©1999 Parents' Choice

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