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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Go For Gold

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Go For Gold

Fall 2010 DVD
Ages: 2 - 6 yrs.
DVD Price: $16.98

Olympic Gold medalist Michelle Kwan lends her voice to the first episode of this collection of Wubbzy stories, in the role of Michelle Kwanzleberry. Kwanzleberry tells the contestants of the Wuzzleberg Wacky Dash, "If it's done with fun, you've already won!"

In the episode "What a Card," nerdy kid Earl suddenly becomes popular as the characters befriend him in order to acquire his "Touchdown Tiki" trading card. Former NFL player Tiki Barber adds his voice to this story.

In "The Wubbzy Shuffle," Wubbzy goes from losing at games to being the winner with the help of super-secret bouncing shoes made by his inventor friend Widget. Not only that, but he begins gloating after each success, doing his "shuffle" while bragging about his victory. After his secret is discovered, he says, "I thought I was a big winner-but I was just a big cheater."

In "Hoop Dreamz," Wubbzy is good enough of a player to be invited to cover for an injured professional "hoopy hoop" athlete. Despite this great success in the professional league, the next episode finds Wubbzy strangely too short to play hoopy-hoops with anyone. Widget makes a Big-o-Matic machine and of course, Wubbzy accidentally super-sizes himself and then learns that being small is nice after all.

"Rush Hour" is about Wubbzy being in a hurry to do things-chores, watch movies, make a boat for a race. When he discovers his peanut-butter-and-tape boat isn't seaworthy, Wubbzy is rescued by his friends in their properly made craft. The bonus episode, "Tired Tail" is about not taking time to rest, especially when the doctor orders it.

Reilly Reagan   ©2010 Parents' Choice
Reilly Reagan, M.L.S. is a librarian and teacher currently working as a full-time mom. She has been reviewing media since 1991, writing for Library Journal and Video Librarian magazines. Her eight-year old and five-year-old sons enjoy helping with critiques.

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