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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Escape from Dino Island

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Escape from Dino Island

Fall 2010 DVD
Ages: 2 - 6 yrs.
DVD Price: $16.98

Our young viewers proclaimed this to be their favorite Wubbzy collection, because "it has all kinds of adventure." In the eponymous episode, friends Wubbzy, bookish Walden, and inventor Widget set out to visit an island of dinosaurs in order to see the extinct prehistoric creatures up close. Wubbzy is fascinated by a giant Sillysaurus who looks like a T-Rex but says "Hooey-hooey-ho!" repeatedly as his tongue lolls out the side of his mouth. The Sillysaurus follows them back to land which results in a lot of screaming and yelling, until it's revealed he just wants to borrow a cup of sugar and rainbow sprinkles for the cupcakes he's making. In "Wubbzy the Hero," Wubbzy is mistaken for being very brave while he's really just playing with his new friend, a Crusty Cragosaurus. When Wubbzy falls in a hole and the Cragosaurus rescues him, "Chumley" is recognized as the real hero. In "Call of the Mild," Daizy finds a Pinky-Dot Uni-Horn and wants to keep her, naming her Princess. Princess disappears, however, and after Walden reads that Pinky-Dot Uni-Horns are natives of the Wazumboo Forest, the friends jump in the Wubmobile and travel by land, sea, and air to find her. Wubbzy learns the hard way about traveling without preparing first, and Daizy realizes that Princess really needs to stay with her family. "Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone" is an Indiana Jones-esque adventure to rescue Daizy's ring after Wubbzy accidentally drops it down a hole. "Daizy's Purple Thumb" finds garden-girl Daizy perplexed at how all her work in the community garden came to nothing. The friends work together to help replant, and the real cause for Daizy's green thumb turning purple is solved, as is the mystery of what happened to the first garden-the pesky beavers stole everything. In "Mt. Fizzy-Pop," Wubbzy and friends set out to see if they can stop the volcano on Dino Island from erupting. The last time it erupted, we are told, it blasted sour milky-milk all over Wuzzleberg. In an effort to cool off the bubbling, the friends pour ice in the volcano, and then Wubbzy accidentally spills in his grapety-grape juice. Mt. Fizzy Pop erupts anyway, but instead of sour milkey-milk, it shoots out grape ice cream to everyone's delight. The predictable path of Wubbzy's adventures delivers positive messages and simple life lessons.

Reilly Reagan   ©2010 Parents' Choice
Reilly Reagan, M.L.S. is a librarian and teacher currently working as a full-time mom. She has been reviewing media since 1991, writing for Library Journal and Video Librarian magazines. Her eight-year old and five-year-old sons enjoy helping with critiques.

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