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Phonics Volume 2

Phonics Volume 2

Fall 2010 DVD
Ages: 6 & Up
DVD Price: $19.99

Rock 'N Learn, Inc., presents Phonics Volume 2, a follow-up to Volume 1 and a step forward for beginning readers ready to master more advanced fluency skills.

This 80-minute DVD provides lessons to help young viewers break down syllables, master phonics' tricky rule-breakers, and use context clues in order to read for meaning. It also includes lessons about vowel sounds, vowel pairs, and common vowel/consonant pairs. Like Volume 1, this DVD also has a feature called the "on-screen mouth," an actual mouth isolated to show the way to properly enunciate letters.

For extra skill-building, the DVD includes a story with on-screen captions for read-along practice, and as a nice extra, the story can be played at two different speeds, so kids can try out their new phonics skills at the pace that's right for them.

Phonics Volume 2 uses rhymes to make rules easier to remember, and it does it all through a lively musical format with bright graphics and animated characters. The animation here is not the most advanced you'll ever see, but the lessons are top-notch for kids ready to tackle more challenging reading.

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