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Fall 2010 Website
Ages: 4 - 15 yrs.

Kerpoof is quite a nifty little package that only gets better with age. Done entirely in a browser using Flash, there is nothing to download, no software to purchase, configure or corrupt. As we've reviewed previously, Kerpoof is a robust and highly intuitive armoire of creative tools to draw pictures, animate movies, make a story, etc. But the real power behind the curtain is how Kerpoof connects the dots of learning for kids and parents and teachers. Skillfully developed lesson plans provide valuable tools to artfully guide students through spelling and storytelling, math and metaphors, poetry, parts of speech and even creating a visual thesaurus.

Tutorials are as clearly written as any we've seen. Although an astounding alphabet of activities and accessories are free, membership benefits offer more creative opportunities and the tools to implement them. Personal membership fees are clearly outlined. Kerpoof and all its treasures are free to teachers.

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