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Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Set

Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Set

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
Price: $9.99

While this toy won't teach your children to ace their math tests or win any spelling bees, it might plant the seeds for future athletic pursuits. At the very least, this toy is plain backyard fun that'll have the neighborhood kids laughing and little brothers guffawing over those wacky dropping and sliding pitches that dive and dart all over the plate.

Nerf's ingenious, scientifically designed Curve Pitch Baseball adds a wonderfully unpredictable element to playing baseball-type backyard and street games. Packaged with the dizzying Nerf baseball is a high quality plastic bat. Any bat would do, though, as it's the ball that is magic. It has a scruffy patch added to one side, and whichever side of that patch the pitcher's grips-top, bottom, left or right-the ball will swoosh in the opposite direction. Hold the ball with the patch inside and the pitch will swerve outside; grip the ball with the patch on top and the pitch will drop off the table. Note that one must throw the ball hard to get the most movement, and batters will occasionally get beaned. Still, the ball is lightweight enough that it doesn't sting that much, even for little kids. For backyard fun, this baseball not only works as advertised, but comes at a great price, too.

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