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Play-Doh Shape & Spin Elmo

Play-Doh Shape & Spin Elmo

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
Price: $19.99

Even testers who do not usually like Elmo enjoyed this toy. The Play-Doh Shape & Spin Elmo consists of a talking 3-D Elmo with moveable arms fastened to a rotating base with shape molds cut directly into the top. The goal is for kids to push a dollop of Play-Doh into their chosen shape and flatten it by lowering Elmo's arm. This creates geometric shapes that kids can then match the shapes to those on the enclosed paper playmat. Though parents might be disappointed with the simplicity of the toy, which is not very different from a cookie cutter, our testers were enthusiastic about playing with it. Those with children allergic to the wheat contained in Play-Doh will appreciate being able to use this toy with other types of clay as well.

Melissa Barbagallo Davis   ©2010 Parents' Choice

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