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Giant Discovery Puzzles- Pony Stud, Construction and Orchard

Giant Discovery Puzzles- Pony Stud, Construction and Orchard

Fall 2010 Puzzles
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: HABA
Price: $17.00

The Giant Puzzle Pony Stud is a puzzle made of sturdy cardboard. Once the puzzle is built, children can use it as a scene for the two horse figures and one girl figure included with the set. It also comes with a "Look Closely" story which has the child look for certain items in the scene. This is fun and reminiscent of "Where's Waldo?". Our young testers enjoyed building the puzzle. While the recommended age is three and up, our older testers still found the puzzle a little challenging. As its borders have no straight edges, it was sometimes hard to find the corners and edges. It is not a puzzle a young child will be able to do on their own initially, however this meant that it kept older testers challenged. It may take children a little longer to master the puzzle, but this will increase the long term play value of it. What we liked most about this puzzle was that it could be used after the puzzle had been completed. Once it was built, our testers used the figures for imaginative play.

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Karena Rush is a professor in the Psychology Department at Millersville University. Karena has two young daughters and spends most of her free time outdoors with her family and old English sheepdog.

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