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Bristle Blocks (R) Stackadoos (TM)

Bristle Blocks (R) Stackadoos (TM)

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Manufacturer: B. Toys (by Battat)
Price: $14.99

Bristle Block Stackadoos aren't revolutionary, new or unique; however, they are fun. The toy is incredibly colorful and it's a feel good gift from a company that gives back to a non-profit. The pieces are fun to hold and to separate. It has good play power, and will appeal broadly. Even children over the products recommended age limit will still have fun with these blocks. Our biggest frustration was that the pieces did not stay together well. One tester built a delightful and inventive video camera that fell apart the moment she took it off the table. Still, this problem was a small price to pay for blocks that can be arranged in any configuration imaginable. Educationally, this toy teaches shapes, symmetry, colors, building in a novel manner. Like most free-building, non-commercialized toys, its ultimate goal is to flex children's imagination. In the end, that's all it needs to be.

Laura Seargeant Richardson   ©2010 Parents' Choice
Currently a Creative Director at argo design, Laura spent more than a decade at frog design, an innovation consultancy. As a designer, speaker, author and mother, Laura believes play is the greatest natural resource in a creative economy and is on a mission to empower kids to be designers of their own play.

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