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Halo Infra-Red Control Arctic Hornet

Halo Infra-Red Control Arctic Hornet

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: NKOK, Inc.
Price: $34.99

Super lightweight and agile in the air, this radio-controlled helicopter is a tie-in toy from the popular Halo videogame series.

The Arctic Hornet really does fly, and it does it well. Although steering isn't all that easy, and hovering is tricky, going up and, inevitably, going down, is out-of-the-box simple. All it takes to fly the Hornet around is practice. Inside the house isn't a good idea since this zippy chopper crashes into walls and careens off furniture faster than you can steer it. But outside, where the sky's the limit, it flies far and high - just make sure that you figure out the last-second throttle maneuver before ramming the Hornet on top of your roof.

Don't forget to recharge the Hornet after each flight session, otherwise it'll sputter around badly next time you're at the controls. As for educational value, this is at best described as seat-of-the-pants learning-experiencing the ups and downs of flying. At $34.95, the Hornet packs a lot of adventure for kids fascinated by flight.

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