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Designer Dossier: Graphic Design/ Kids

Designer Dossier: Graphic Design/ Kids

Fall 2010 Doing & Learning
Ages: 10 & Up
Author: Pamela Pease
Publisher: Paintbox Press
ISBN: 9780977790524
Hardcover Price: $24.00

Beautifully designed and clearly written, Design Dossier: Graphic Design elegantly integrates an explanation of what graphic design is, its trends through time, and the people who work within the field. It culminates in a cleverly presented design identity project. Highlights of the book include a Milestones of Graphic Design timeline, tracing turn of the 20th century posters through contemporary videogame graphics. In the designer portfolio section, a diverse selection of active designers are described on two sided cards offering their biographies one side and a collection of their work on the other. A black portfolio envelope at the book's end holds a card offering advice for creating a logo along with stencils that can be used to create one. For children in schools where art budgets have been cut drastically, this book offers an excellent introduction to a creative career in high demand.

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