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What's Science All About?

What's Science All About?

Fall 2010 Non-Fiction
Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Kate Davies
Illustrator: Adam Larkum
Publisher: EDC Publishing
ISBN: 9780794521202
Hardcover Price: $15.99

Using a kid-proven formula of combining academic subjects with everyday stuff, this 288-page book makes high-concept science relevant. The periodic table, atoms, and electrical currents, are explained via familiar examples. The book explains the science of how our bodies make urine, why foods such as cheeses and garlic stink, and how the sun causes sunburn.

The book is divided into the three main branches of science-Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It explains what each discipline explores, and then delves into the natural world of scientific findings through short and intriguing items combined with photographs and illustrations.

Subheads such as "What's biology ever done for us?" and "How have chemists changed the world?" will inspire further reading, while sparking a youngster's curiosity and imagination. Most topics are brief and short-attention span friendly. The discovery of batteries, the content of white paint, how hemlock killed Socrates, what Newton's apple proved, what makes a rainbow, how rocks are formed, what's in toothpaste - all of these topics are explored in a paragraph or so, making this an ideal bathroom book! There are also simple experiments kids can perform in each section, plus lots of internet links to recommended websites where they can find out more.

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