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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered

Spring 2011 Software
Ages: 10 & Up
Price: $19.99

This is not a new Nancy Drew game, but instead a newly remodeled and re-mastered version of the original Nancy Drew videogame title. Her Interacted has reintroduced the title that started the award-winning 23-game series to celebrate Nancy Drew's 80th Anniversary.

The differences between the original Secrets Can Kill! and this special edition aren't just cosmetic. Expect great-looking new 3D graphics more in line with what you've come to expect as the series evolved. The user-friendly interface (moving Nancy around in first-person 3D) is new and so are the task list, inventory feature, journal and camera functions. There are also some new games the original didn't have (and some of the original games that aren't quite so challenging). With one exception, the same original characters appear-but they're all now rendered in 3D. There's even a new and improved ending.

What hasn't changed is that, as the title suggests, Secrets Can Kill! actually is a murder case with a teenage victim Jake Rogers (the murder is unseen by players). This is a parental heads-up because the series hasn't gone beyond disappearances, accidents, treasures, kidnappings, hauntings, howling wolves, nasty weather and other nonlethal mysteries since its 1998 launch. Also, in this plot, Nancy looks pointblank into the barrel of a threatening gun, illegal steroids play a role, and there's a blackmail scheme-all taking place at a Florida high school and surrounding small town.

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