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Webber HearBuilder Sequencing - Home Edition

Webber HearBuilder Sequencing - Home Edition

Spring 2011 Software
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $69.95

Come to the "Webber Beach" Funhouse where playing sequencing games earns you tokens to play arcade games that might be a little more fun than the lessons. Starting off, young players are given a set of two or three cards to put into order of time sequencing-such as an egg, an egg that's cracked with a chick foot appearing, and a newborn chick broken out of the egg. Or, a dental appointment, a girl in the dentist chair and a girl happy to be out of the dentist office. To the program's credit, there are sentences beneath each card that are read aloud-making for an additional learning opportunity. From "Mia's New Car" to "Malcolm Conquers the Slide' you've got the idea. Unfortunately, there's no skipping ahead. And the graphics are 2D. Game play? You've got to trudge through the easiest levels to get to tougher levels-and, unless you're 5 or 6, there are no tougher levels. But the game does bring a few arcade detours that are relatively fun. So, pay your dues, earn you academic points by doing the sequencing challenges, and you'll be rewarded by getting to play some rather ordinary but comparatively fun arcade-style games-such as giving acorns to squirrels, or popping balloons as they float upward.

Although this is not intended as high-level video gaming, the price suggests it would be. But all that aside, it's a solid game trying to make the transition from classroom to home use.

Don Oldenburg   ©2011 Parents' Choice
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