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Webber HearBuilder Following Directions - Home Edition

Webber HearBuilder Following Directions - Home Edition

Spring 2011 Software
Ages: 4 - 9 yrs.
Price: $69.95

This classroom-to-home hybrid takes place at the "toy factory" where players become Master Toy Makers and build their own Toy Central Factories by successfully learning to follow increasingly difficult and different types of directions. Among the Hear Builder series of educational software titles created for the classroom, this one is the most graphically vivid and potentially fun for younger kids. And it does explore a skill that is important to parents-following directions to a "T." Kids start at the most basic level, and there's no way around it. With both visuals and voice telling the player what to do, kids follow directions and move to the next challenge-from basic direction, sequential directions, quantitative and spatial directions to temporal directions and conditional directions. One problem we encountered is that everything doesn't work quite the way it should-which can be frustrating to players who answer correctly only to be told they didn't. Which is to say, the idea here is solid but unfortunately, the execution isn't always so. We expect four and five year olds will take away good lessons about following directions.

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