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Imagination Generation

Imagination Generation

Spring 2011 Music
Ages: 3 & Up
Producer: Growing Sound
CD Price: $15.95

Buckle your seatbelts - it's time for take-off with Imagination Generation from David Kisor. Using cool sound effects, inventive instrumentation, funny lyrics and great vocal work, David has put together a creative tool for encouraging kids to use their imaginations. More than pure silliness, the album cover encourages listeners to use their imagination as a "toy and tool" that can "craft creative solutions to complex problems". Song after song, the listener is transported to another place where they are free to be anything they imagine. Highlights include "The Wicky Wacky Song" and "A Pink Polk-a-Dotted Tiger", both of which will spark far-flung associations within a child's thought processes. Imagining a "sparkle berry flavored sky" and a "toothless, timid alligator" isn't just a funny exercise - it's a practice that will help kids create their own creatures and stories with ease.

Ashley Jo Farmer   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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