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Spring 2011 Music
Ages: All Ages
Producer: Steve Elci
CD Price: $8.99

Steve Elci's Vowels is a wonderful CD to share with children of all ages. Steve has a classic Rock-and-Roll voice, and his songs are upbeat and fun. He uses creative melodies and easy-to-understand lyrics that kids will find catchy and perfect for sing alongs. Highlights include "Grammar", "Vowels", and "Submarine Town". The latter will drive listeners to sing along and dance as they go about their day. "Vowels" is a groovy, easy way to enforce vowel memorization skills with your just-learning-to-read children. "Row Your Boat" is another highlight amongst these catchy tunes. It's a motivating, uplifting version of the familiar old song we all learned as children. Listening to "ABC/123" was like being at a carefree summer concert on the grass plus a lesson learning your abc's at the same time.

Ashley Jo Farmer   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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