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Happy Hour Clock

Happy Hour Clock

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $14.95

The Happy Hour clock is a simple, but fun and effective learning tool that our child testers absolutely love. Our oldest (age 3) is just learning the preschool concept of telling time. While playing with this wooden toy we have witnessed an increased interest and awareness of the numbers on a clock and what they mean. He enjoys turning the hands to certain times, announcing what time it is, and describing what activity it is time for. While he is not always correct, he is certainly learning and having fun. He seems very proud that he is able to tell us what time it is.

The clock is an attractive toy, simple and colorful. The removable numbers are a bonus for younger toddlers. Our 2-year-old loves taking them out and putting them back, giving us an opportunity to work on number recognition skills with him. At $14.95, this toy is a reasonable price and while there are many tools on the market available to help teach the concept of telling time, there are not many that are appropriate for children in various stages of learning number concepts. This toy's lifespan can last several years, as children grow and develop. It is a toy that can easily be incorporated into daily schedules, nightly routines, and to help count down to special events. It is a valuable addition to a toy collection.

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