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Kidoozie Stack 'n Roll Tumbling Tower

Kidoozie Stack 'n Roll Tumbling Tower

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Price: $24.99

Designed for kids as young as twelve months, Stack N' Roll is a two-foot-tall tower comprised of seven progressively smaller segments, each a different transparent color, that can be stacked and disassembled again and again. Once the tower is assembled, kids can then drop the two multi-colored balls through the hole in the top and watch them spiral down to the bottom where they roll out of the toy's base.

Toddlers have not tired of trying to stack the segments in the right order - nor have they grown bored from watching the balls plop down through the sections. Not only that, they continue to find other things - some balls… and some not - to drop in the tower. They're learning through trial and error what works and what doesn't.

Testers also found other uses for the toy. One likes to insist that parents and siblings wear the tower components as hats. Imagine a fez, only without the tassel and made of plastic. If you're not wearing the pieces as hats, when play ends pieces can be fit neatly inside of one another, so it doesn't take up much room in the toy box.

It may be simple, but this is a great toy for teaching kids hand-eye coordination, size differentiation, problem solving and a host of other skills.

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