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Cozy Truck

Cozy Truck

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 1 - 6 yrs.
Price: $79.99

This toy instantly captured the attention of some of our youngest testers. From the moment it was taken out of the box and put together, they were already climbing inside. In fact, they loved this toy so much that it became the first thing they asked to play with in the morning.

Children loved opening and closing the tailgate and putting their toys in the truck bed. They also love opening and closing the driver-side door, turning the steering wheel, playing with the gas cap, and honking the horn (which sounds very realistic).

All of that said, parents should note that assembly is tricky, since several parts don't line up accurately. They should also be aware that in the first stage of this two-stage toy, parents have to push the truck along. The toy's design makes it difficult to maintain control over the direction you're pushing. And navigating any bumps in the sidewalk, let alone the grass, is challenging. There may also be an in-between stage of a child's growth when they are just able to still fit inside the truck with the floorboard in place, while still being too small to take the floorboard out and push along with their own feet - especially since the seat is not very deep and is not equipped with a seatbelt to keep their little fannies from slipping.

Still, these caveats are small in comparison to the adoration our child testers had for this toy. Not only that, but it will certainly occupy children while their parents take care of household chores.

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