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Hoot Owl Hoot!

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Spring 2011 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
Price: $14.99

Hoot-Owl-Hoot is a game that teaches teamwork and cooperation as all of the owls try to make it home before sunrise in a game that is educational and fun. Players work together to ensure that all of the baby owl pieces make it back to their nest before the sun fully rises. I personally see nothing wrong with some good competition, but I will admit, it was relaxing to change it up with this "cooperative play" board game. The illustrations are bright and vibrant,, and the pieces are not flimsy, even though they are made from recycled materials. Each game takes about 15-20 minutes, which is great, because kids will want to play again and again. Parent testers were pleasantly surprised at how much fun the kids had while playing cooperatively. We recommend this to families with small children, even as an introduction to board games for little ones, since it is so easy to play and nobody is left disappointed.

Melissa Strunc   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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