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Kidz Labs/Math Magic

Kidz Labs/Math Magic

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $12.00

Math Magic, a Kidz Labs Fun Science product, includes materials and instructions for fifteen math tricks, games and puzzles: a calculator key chain, dice, magic mind-reading cards, instructions and more. Children use these materials to complete speed calculations, play a math memo card game and amaze friends with their math magic! Despite the fact that my children are quite adept at mathematics, we found the instructions to be overly wordy and slightly confusing at first. However, after several read-throughs, the kids were able to complete the tricks. The materials themselves are not very sturdy, which becomes a problem when children want to practice and perform their tricks and puzzles multiple times. If in that sense Math Magic's execution stumbles, the set's concept is still unique and amusing, and determined children will find a way to perform the tricks even after the original materials have been used.

Editor's Note: Use puzzle templates E and D with Trick 2, the Wired Puzzle, not with Trick 14 as noted on the surrounding cardboard sheet.

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