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Find It Games: On A Hunt

Find It Games: On A Hunt

Spring 2011 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Find It Games
Price: $20.00

"Find it: On a Hunt" is a three-dimensional implementation of an I-Spy picture. There are dozens of miniature objects buried in sand-sized pellets in a jar, and by tilting the jar every which way the objects appear at the surface. A pad of check-lists (all identical) of objects to be found is included with the toy, and the objects are also listed on top of the jar for quick reference. In this particular version, the objects to be found are mostly hunting-themed: animals, guns, and bows; fishing, camping and hiking equipment; vehicles for outdoor travel. The pellets are in camouflage colors, like hunting and camping equipment would be, making the items even harder to track down. There are other versions of Find It tubes available; something more colorful or generally-themed might be more appealing, but we enjoyed this in spite of the particular theme. For the many people who pursue this type of outdoor activity this would be the perfect fit.

This game is the sort that becomes a conversation piece at a large party - people pass it around, pick it up and put it down, compulsively trying to find the missing objects. Even our 6-year-old tester enjoyed spilling it back and forth looking for the penny, the feather, or whatever else turned up. It could be played competitively - each player has a limited amount of time and tries to find as many objects as possible in that time - but more often it is a collaborative effort of friends handing it back and forth, exclaiming as each new item is found. The toy may not hold interest day in and day out, as some favorite toys do, but it is the sort one returns to over and over, for a few fun minutes of sifting and sorting each time. For traveling or camping trips, it's a logical pick.

Emily Crawford   ©2011 Parents' Choice
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